Message from our founder

Paramount was founded in 1976 as an entrepreneurial venture with a vision of creating exceptional service to the industrial container market. For over 40 years that same philosophy of providing exceptional customer service continues to drive our company every day.

Although packaging has been our core competency for many years, we believe our ability to solve our client's supply chain challenge's is what sets us apart from the competition. We are much more than a packaging provider and in recent years we have made a significant commitment to increase our global service offering.

As a licensed NVOCC, our ability to move freight all over the world has allowed us to be a true partner throughout the supply chain. With the addition of our European Distribution Center we are now warehousing and distributing our client's finished goods throughout Europe and providing them with a low cost entry to new markets. We are able to combine our extensive knowledge in packaging and inventory management with global warehousing and logistics services to solve even the most difficult supply chain challenges facing our client's today.

At Paramount we know it is people that make the difference. We continue to invest in our employee's development while adding key personnel to provide you with exceptional customer service and the expertise needed to solve your packaging and logistics challenges.

I would like to truly thank you for being a part of the Paramount family and trusting us with such a vital part of your business. We pride ourselves in helping your company grow and increase sales while always providing you with perfectly integrated solutions. If you are new to Paramount and looking for a partner that truly cares about helping your company increase sales, we would appreciate an opportunity to speak with you further.

We value your partnership very much and will continue to invest in our company to provide you with a truly unique experience.

Thank you,

John W. Gample

Our entrepreneurial spirit is instilled in everything we do.

As we continue to grow as an organization, it is important we do not lose sight of the entrepreneurial spirit the company was founded on. The IDEA program is our method for carrying forward this guiding principle into the future. Our mission is simple, to always be different and better than our competitors by encouraging our employees to Imagine, Differentiate, Enhance, and Achieve.

We ACT for our customers

At Paramount, we believe that providing our customers with an incomparable customer experience is the responsibility of more than just one department. Our ACT program was developed to maintain a company-wide customer service mindset by keeping our customers top of mind at all levels of the organization. By focusing on Accuracy, Communication and Timeliness, exemplary customer service is achieved.

We are committed to developing our people.

Employee development is a top priority at Paramount and one of our main company initiatives. Our employees are critical to our success and future growth as an organization, which is why we help build and refine the skills they need to take themselves, and Paramount, to the next level.